I was born in a small village, Chunawadh located in the Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. My family is engaged in traditional agriculture activities, so I grew up watching and learning about farming practices. Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed involving myself in agriculture activities.

I always wanted to do something different so that one day I can proudly say “Yes, my work made the life of people much better.” I choose to pursue my carrier in Food Science and Technology. I completed my B. Tech. in Food Technology and Management from National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM), India in 2019. My four-year experience at NIFTEM was wonderful, I got so many opportunities to learn, grow, and develop myself into a better human. The research exposure I got during my bachelor’s degree helped me to learn so many new things, all thanks to one of my professors Prof. Pramod Kumar Prabhakar. During the initial days of my bachelor’s degree, I and a few of my friends took initiation to help underprivileged children by providing education. We formed a group named ‘Manavta. Another best thing that I enjoyed was the ‘Village Adoption Program’ of NIFTEM. Every semester, in a team of 15-20 students we used to visit a village to help farmers and Self-Help Groups of village women. We gave them training on food product developments, packaging, and labeling, linking them to the nearest market, etc. Creating awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, girl education, various schemes of Govt. of India, etc. were also part of our activities.

During my bachelor's I did internships at Havmor Ice-cream Ltd. and ITC Ltd. (Food Division). I did projects on the aroma of wheat flour and fenugreek seed proteins. After completing my degree, I joined GCMMF Ltd. (AMUL) as Territory Sales In-charge.